Principal’s Message

Hello Hawks,

I am honored to join the Golden Hawk Family at Miami Springs Senior High. For the past 58 years, staff, parents and the community have come together to ensure teaching and learning are embedded with the rich traditions that run deep in this community. Doing our best for every student, every day will remain at the forefront.

While traditions remain constant, change is inevitable. The speed of change is fast and every year it gets faster. How we meet the challenges that we are confronted with is our true test of greatness not only on a personal and professional level but collectively as a team. Although we understand the need to be fast and deliberate to meet the changes and challenges we and our students face, it’s how we choose to react and our determination that spawns a positive impact. Together, we will create an environment conducive to learning and witness outstanding student achievement.

As the tradition of instructional greatness continues, we must remember to view challenges as opportunities and not forget that being great is a choice, not an inherent trait.

As we embark on a new school year, take time to find the greatness within you and use that greatness to spark a desire for greatness in each of our students.

In the future, our students will serve as corporate leaders, lawyers, teachers, anchor the evening news, and maybe even serve as President of the United States. Believe that sitting right in front of you every day are students who can achieve these goals or any goals through hard work and letting their personal greatness shine.

When we work together, there is no challenge that we cannot meet! Our students deserve the absolute best and we have the team to make this happen!


Nelson Gonzalez