Methodology & ROI

iTECH Academy at Miami Springs SHS is a Magnet Schools of America National Award of Excellence Magnet School and is MDCPS’ complete video game, animation, and simulation magnet program that uses video game design as the natural vehicle to deliver CS to high school students with an integrated science, technology, engineering, art, and math curriculum. 

At iTECH we use bilingual student-centered teaching methods that shift the focus of activity from the teacher to the learners. 

These methods include active learning, in which students solve problems, answer questions, formulate questions of their own, discuss, explain, debate, or brainstorm during class; cooperative learning, in which students work in teams on problems and projects under conditions that assure both positive interdependence and individual accountability; and inductive teaching and learning, in which students are first presented with challenges (questions or problems) and learn the course material in the context of addressing the challenges. Inductive methods include inquiry-based learning, case-based instruction, problem-based learning, project-based learning, discovery learning, and just-in-time teaching. 

Student-centered methods have repeatedly been shown to be superior to the traditional teacher-centered approach to instruction, a conclusion that applies whether the assessed outcome is short-term mastery, long-term retention, or depth of understanding of course material, acquisition of critical thinking or creative problem-solving skills, formation of positive attitudes toward the subject being taught, or level of confidence in knowledge or skills. 

In addition, iTECH Academy students will compete locally and nationally with their projects and will earn ICE (Industry Certification Exams) that make them marketable in the workplace. Some of the industry certification exams substitute statewide college credits that include math and science credits. We facilitate our students with the learning experience to earn the Unity Certified Users: Programmer, Artist, and Virtual Reality Developer industry certifications, and the Adobe Certified Professional: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, and InDesign industry certifications too. Our partnership with Florida International University and Upsilon Pi Epsilon offers students an opportunity to further advance their competency through the acquisition of additional computer programming skills. 

The M-DCPS Summer Youth Internship Program and summer dual enrollment program with Miami Dade College offers students an opportunity to further advance in their trajectory while gaining real-world, hands-on experience, and make lasting professional connections, discover more about their interest in technology, and proficiency while getting paid.  

You can learn more about our program by linking to the iTECH Academy Presentation

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