In addition to numerous yearly Honorable Recognition by Miami-Dade County School Board Members during school board meetings, the Mayor of Miami Springs during City of Miami Springs Town Hall meetings, the City of Miami Spring’s Gazette and the US House of Representatives for multimedia communication skills and leadership roles. The following are some of iTECH Academy’s Magnet and Digital Media/Multimedia Design IT CAPE Academy’s recent accolades:

The following awards and recognitions have been given to our students: 

  • 2021-22 M-DCPS’ District Champions, Scholastic Esports Smash Bros Video Game Tournament, Business-IT, the Fair Miami
  • 2020-21 First Place, Web Development and Programming, Innovate CTE 
  • 2020-21 First Place, Mobile App Development, US Congressional App Challenge 
  • 2020-21 Third Place, SECME Regional, VEX Robotics 
  • 2018-19/2019-20/2020-21 Finalists, Coded Self-Portrait, Code Art 
  • 2019-20 First Place, Coded Self-Portrait, Code Art 
  • 2019-20/2020-21 Highest Honors, First, Second, and Third Place, Scholastic Esports, Business, Fair Miami  
  • 2019-20 Second Place, SECME National, Engineering Design, VEX Robotics 
  • 2018-19 First Place, SECME Regional, Engineering Design, VEX Robotics 
  • 2018-19 Bronze Award, DECA Chapter Annual Business Plan 
  • 2018-19 Thrive Level, DECA Chapter Campaign  
  • 2018-19 Second Place, Engineering Notebook, VEX Robotics Challenge, The Fair Miami  
  • 2017-18/2018-19 Scholastic Art and Writing, Video Game, National and Regional Awards  
  • 2018-19/2019-20/2020-21/2021-22 NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award, National Honorable Mention & Regional Awards  
  • 2018-2019/2019-20/2020-21/2021-22 Highest Honors, First, Second, and Third Place, Educational Video Game, IT, Fair Miami  
  • 2018-19/2019-20 US Congressional House App Challenge Award Recipients

The following awards & recognitions have been given to our school:  

  • 2021-22 Level Up Grant Recipient
  • 2018-19/2019-20/2020-21/2021-22 M-DCPS STEAM Silver School Designation  
  • 2018-19/2019-20/2020-21/2021-22 MSA School of Excellence 

The following awards & recognitions have been given to our faculty:  

  • 2020-21 Top High School Teacher, Code Art Miami 
  • 2018-19 SECME High School Coordinator of The Year