Theatre Goals and Instructional Objectives


  1. Creating an awareness of how theatre uniquely explores and processes the human experience by shaping ideas and perceptions about our lives into an active experience that can stimulate critical thought, discussion, and our imaginations.
  2. Developing the critical acumen to evaluate the effectiveness of theatre practitioners’ work, as well as their collaborative interaction in theatrical productions.
  3. Recognizing theatre’s diversity by understanding the relationship between dramatic literature (of different periods and styles) and the performance conditions, practices, and conventions for which it was written.
  4. Understanding of the function, process, and methods linked to the art form’s various practitioners, playwrights, directors, designers, actors, and so on.


Website Resources
The websites dedicated to theatre related topics are too numerous to list here. Provided for your convenience is a listing of some of the theatre related research databases, which provide searchable and categorized links to websites around the world. No site is recommended over any other, and some may contain the same links as others.

American Society for Theatre Research

American Theatre Resources

American Theatre Web

Arts Journal

Artslynx International Theatre Resources

Carnegie Mellon University Database of Art Sites

Costumer’s Manifesto (includes links for many research areas, not just costume)

Digital Librarian

Drama Links

Index of Theatre Links

Internet Broadway Database

Performing Arts Links

Playbill’s Theatre Central

Rhodes University Theatre Network Resources

Tech Theatre Links

Theatre Communications Group

Theatre Database

Theatre and Drama Virtual Library

Theatre History Sites on the WWW

Theatre History Database

Theatre USA Database

World Wide Arts Resources

WWW Virtual Library – Theatre and Drama

Yahoo Theatre Index

Yale Theatre Studies Research Guide